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Coaching Consultancy Service

Personal Coaching/Mentoring Services

There are FOUR coaching/mentoring services available from AnSer Training outlined below, which are designed to enhance personal achievement and develop professional and management skills. Please EMAIL US for more information OR use the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM at the bottom of the page.

Clients are assured of a very professional and sensitive interaction. Please note that all fees also carry Value Added Tax (VAT):

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EMAIL Coaching Service:

This very basic service is for clients who wish for a more detached and less structured response to their queries, problems or dilemmas. The Client may request answers relating to up to THREE questions per email. Responses are detailed and relevant to that person or situation. If an email is too long for one response, the client will be informed before any response is given.

Email is a simpler and cheaper option than the telephone service, but the right number needs to be booked for a satisfactory and complete service. Experience has shown that a Client needs TWO to FOUR emails, on average, to resolve their issues or to explore them satisfactorily.

Booking: The Client requests pricing details of the email service, and when booked, an invoice for the first two emails are sent. Once payment has been made via Paypal, correspondence begins. Please Note: Due to the volume of emails received requiring attention, the Consultant cannot respond to emails which are not booked, after the first reply.

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Telephone Coaching Sessions:


Single emergency phone chats are primarily for dealing with any immediate problem, or answering pressing questions for which the Client might seek urgent answers. There is no background work and no follow up. It is mainly for exploration of an issue and assisting the Client to finding a solution or direction. It is most useful for difficult dilemmas – like job interviews, relationship problems or any crisis - and is entirely geared to Client need without any formal suggestions or structure.

Booking: These single sessions can be booked at any time via email, with the content dictated by the situation. The actual call requires a minimum of TWO days' notice for booking. Payments for these single chats are made via Paypal, after an invoice is sent, and BEFORE the call is made.


Our individual coaching Course consists of a minimum of THREE phone chats (over 2 weeks), with a maximum of 10, as required.

a. Main Objective: The Course emphasis is on Boosting Confidence through raising positive self-awareness and building self appreciation in order to lay the right foundations for self-enhancement, greater well being and self-fulfilment.

b. Course Duration: 3-10 calls. The first three calls correspond to the topics mentioned below: 

1. Introduction

(Why do you feel the way you do? What are the main issues for you at this time? Confidence test)

2. Establishing the most important things to you - what matters most - and a personal direction that suits you. (Examination of options)

3. Developing the necessary emotional and practical tools to increase personal confidence and to move from the current situation to the one desired.

The three items are usually covered at the pace of the Client, which means they can take three sessions, or up to the full 10 sessions, to understand, appreciate and resolve specific issues. It all depends on where the Client is emotionally, how much help is actually required and the pace he/she wishes to move at. After the first three sessions, the Client is free to end the consultation at any time.

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Face-to-face Consultation:

This is arranged on the same basis as the Calls, and to suit the client’s time and schedule. For residents in the UK, a personal face to face service is available. The fees are higher to incorporate the Coach’s expenses in meeting the client at an agreed venue. For Clients abroad, a SKYPE service is available instead.

Face-to-Face consultation is obviously the best, for a variety of reasons, not least for the quality of the interaction between the Client and the Coach.

*DISCOUNTS: Clients can have discounts off their coaching fees by recommending others for coaching too. When a coaching course is then definitely booked by the person recommended, 12.5% is automatically deducted from the client's fees, or refunded, if the client has already completed their course. Clients are free to recommend others purely on a commission basis too. Please enquire, especially if you are part of an association or organisation.

ALL fees are paid through PAYPAL.

THANK YOU for choosing AnSer Training!

(A brief registration form will be sent for any Service requested.)

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Exclusive Personal Adviser:


The Consultant is also available as an EXCLUSIVE ADVISER to any professional/celebrity who feels the need to retain a personal adviser. The service is available on a contract basis for the duration of at least a month, according to the perceived needs of the Client.

Please use the EMAIL button to request further information on this service.

(ALL fields MUST be completed.) OR use the EMAIL button provided on the left.

Your Name:

Your Organisation (if applicable):

Your Email:

Query Type
Please tick the items which apply to you:
Please send me information/fees for EMAIL coaching
Please send me information /fees for a CRISIS PHONE SESSION.
Please send me information/fees for BOTH Email and Phone coaching.
Please send me information/fees for BOTH phone and Face-to-face coaching.
Please send me information/fees for the EXCLUSIVE personal coaching


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of emails Elaine receives regularly, she is UNABLE to answer personal questions that are not booked through the coaching service offered.

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