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JOBTIPSuk.com originates in the United Kingdom, but serves a global audience. It is a FREE website offering motivational advice to readers.

This is ELAINE SIHERA'S personal way of giving something back to the community, through her knowledge, talent and expertise.

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Option Selected:

(S1)66. When should I start my own business or become an entrepreneur?
When it FEELS like the right thing to do.
Our instincts are never wrong and change is usually indicated in these three steps:

(S3)36. 8 Simple Steps to Achieving the Success You Want
You might hear a lot about how to achieve success and, especially on the Internet, there are zillions of advice as t how to reach personal goals. But the simple steps outlined below shows how we interact with success and how we can help it to materialise. These eight steps guarantee that you have the edge over others who might be ignorant of them.

(S1M)4. Consultant or Corporate Executive - Which Should You Be?
So you've reached 50, or older, and you need some challenge in your career. What do you do? Go boldly out on your own as a consultant or keep working for someone else, enjoying the perks and teamwork as a corporate executive? Let's tease out the pros and cons.

(S2M)7. 7 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover
Revolving door recruitment, where staff come in eagerly and leave rather fast, disappointed and disillusioned, is plaguing a lot of businesses and is often a chronic factor in their demise. While there are many varied reasons why someone would leave an employment, especially relating to personal problems, most people walk from good jobs they like simply because of poor job satisfaction resulting in high employee turnover. Yet this could be avoided for most workers, even if not all staff members can be pleased.

(S3M)6. The Manager's Most Important Job
How often have you heard a manager complain that communication is not effective because no one seems to be taking any notice of the memos or directives? Well, we are always tempted to believe that there is ineffective communication within some organisations but replace one of the usual memos with one saying that each person has won a million dollars and then sit back and look at just how effective that communication is!

(S4M)11. How can we develop a sense of ownership in our workers?
Many workers feel alienated in their workplaces because their management, whether overtly or covertly, makes them acutely aware that they have no real stake in that service or business and so they opt for just working for a salary instead and from a detached viewpoint. That is such a waste of talent because where we engage workers, we also engage their creativity and unique perspectives, which could significantly transform that workplace.

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