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ELAINE SIHERA, People Management Consultant


Meet ELAINE SIHERA (Ms Cyprah)
Management Consultant

BA (Open Univ.) PGCE/MA (Cantab)


Nicknamed Ms CYPRAH (or Cyber-Oprah by friends), Elaine is an accomplished British public speaker, motivator and writer for The Sihera Relationship Guide©, The Sihera Confidence Guide©, Newsvine and Ezine.com. She is the first Black graduate of the UK's pioneering Open University and a postgraduate of Cambridge University.

A former education manager and magazine editor, she is the prolific author of six books and nearly 2000 articles on emotional health, self-empowerment, relationships, career fulfilment and diversity management: for which she made such an impact, she was dubbed "Ms DIVERSITY".

She is also a freelance broadcaster, an Internet agony aunt and the top British columnist on Newsvine, as well as a Change Expert for FiftyForward.com. Being a very keen advocate of changing perceptions on ageing and boosting how people feel about themselves, Elaine enjoys her work very much by living to purpose and in line with her own values.

Her main advice to anyone is:
"Always Be Yourself!! Those who like you will embrace you and nurture you, while those who don't will pass you by and save you the stress!"

She is divorced with two kidults, André (a computer boffin) and Nicole (a psychologist).

Elaine's Websites & Publications



The Sihera Confidence Guide©
The Sihera Relationship Guide©
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Ms Cyprah on Twitter
Ms Cyprah at Newsvine
My Journey With Barack Obama

1. 10 easy steps to...Growing Older Disgracefully! (January 2007), AnSer Publishing
2. 10 easy steps to...Finding Your Ideal Soulmate! (2006)
3. Money, Sex and Compromise: The Hidden Agenda in Modern Relationships (2004)
4. Managing the Diversity Maze (2002)
5. What's in a Name? (1996)
6. Signposts to Success (1991)

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Elaine's Notable Achievements


1. One of the outstanding profiles featured in Portraits of Black Achievement (by the Institute of Education, University of London)

2. The presenter of the FIRST ever Diversity Lecture in the British House of Commons (2004)

3. Keynote Speaker at UNESCO's Global Women’s Leadership Conference, held in Paris, which was attended by over 500 senior women achievers from around the world. (2004)

4. The FIRST Black woman in the UK to own and run a national magazine (New IMPACT) from 1993-2003.

5. The ONLY person to be simultaneously awarded TWO National Training Awards by the Department for Trade and Industry (1993).

6. FOUNDER of:
-The British Diversity Awards (10 years)
-The Windrush Achievement Awards (6 years)

7. Chief Administrator/Judge of the Commission for Racial Equality's national Leadership Challenge initiative which exhorted senior executives to take personal responsibility for the enhancement of race equality in their environment. Created a new Award for it in the 1998 BDAs.

8. Diversity management adviser since 1994, and high profile role model, to many public service, blue-chip and voluntary organisations, including The Bermuda Top 100 Women Achievers, The Princes Youth Business Trust, British Telecom, Royal Navy, J.P Morgan & Chase, Public Sector Benchmarking Services, East Thames Housing Group, The Learning & Skills Council, Trent NHS Strategic Health Authority, Oxford City Council...among many others

9. Presented hundreds of professional achievement workshops in personal empowerment, effective staff management and good diversity practice.

10. Attended Barack Obama's presidential Inauguration after helping out on the phones in Chicago during election week!

11. Very successful English teacher and education manager in secondary schools who helped her students to achieve outstanding exam results (at least 82% pass rate A-C at her last school).