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Welcome to Job Tips UK!


The Sihera Career and Management Guide©

(Part 3 of The Sihera Personal Awareness Series©)

Created by Elaine Sihera BA (Open), PGCE MA (Cantab);
(Writer & Management Consultant. The most noted, and quoted, British expert on the Internet!)

Other titles in the series:
Part 1- The Sihera Confidence Guide©
Part 2- The Sihera Emotional Health Guide©
Part 4- The Sihera Relationship Guide©

We hope you enjoy the JOBTIPSuk.com website and find something of value on it!

If you BOOKMARK the site, do refresh it when you open it, as new items are always being added!



JOBTIPSuk.com was created with a simple aim in mind. To give EMOTIONAL SUPPORT to readers. Most job sites on the Internet emphasise the practical ways of finding a job: like knowing how to write a CV or application letter, dealing with job loss or coping with retirement. That practical approach is not repeated here.

What is most obvious about JOBTIPSuk.com is its emphasis on that very first stage of whatever we do in our lives: our THOUGHT PROCESSES. Those thoughts we readily think every minute of our day dictate the way we feel, the confidence we possess, the self belief we have, the desires we yearn for, the perspectives we end up with and the actual outcomes of our actions. If we want to achieve, or to make our mark, we have to start from what goes on inside our heads. We have to know who we are, what we want for our lives and where we are going. Most people find that very difficult to formulate. Yet that’s the only way we can make the most of our precious existence. That’s why many of the articles focus on confidence, courage, self esteem, intentions, decisions, action , results and persistence.

Nothing comes easily in life, but if we are prepared in our heads, especially having POSITIVE thoughts that uplift and inspire, we will be motivated to climb the highest mountain without too much fear and apprehension. JOBTIPSuk.com was made for that aim with you, the reader, in mind.

,b>We hope you find the 100 articles and self assessment quizzes most enlightening and beneficial.


What Do I Do Next?

Why not dive straight in and see HOW SUCCESSFUL you could be? What is your score? Does it reflect how you perceive yourself, or could it be better?

Knowledge is essential. Applied knowledge is power. Use some of the articles to know WHO you really are, WHAT you want, and WHERE you are going. You will then find that HOW to get there gradually reveals itself to match the other information.

  • If you are lucky enough to be one of the confident, successful people, understanding why you are so confident and self assured could also be useful. You might be able to use it to inspire colleagues.

  • OR you can go straight to any of the Article Headings and sample the various topics on the subject.

  • OR you can check out the Other Quizzes to see how you measure up on various personality and success aspects. For example, how do you handle FAILURE or INTERACT with others?

  • OR, if you need extra help to improve, have a look at the recommended SELF-HELP BOOKS to boost your JOB HUNTING SKILLS and motivation.

  • OR check out the COACHING SERVICES to see if you need any personal help or booster in your career.

  • OR make a DIFFERENCE to someone in the world by visiting the CHARITY PAGE and simply clicking on the icons to generate funding or rice at NO cost to yourself!

  • OR visit the FUN PAGE to simply relax and enjoy the games which should help you feel even better!

  • There is much of benefit, and for you to enjoy, in The Sihera Career and Management Guide©

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    PLEASE PASS THE WORD ALONG and make a difference to someone else too!

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